Pelvic Neuropathy

Pelvic neuropathy is a term relating to nerve damage in the pelvis.  Pelvic pain may be the result of neuropathies in the pelvic area.   Pain resulting from pelvic neuropathy can be physically and emotionally debilitating when not properly identified and treated.

Neuropathy can develop in the pudendal nerve, which supplies sensation to the genital area, causing pain during intercourse, sitting, and elimination.  Pelvic pain can also be caused by neuropathies resulting from complications following surgeries of the lower abdominal wall.

Persistent pelvic pain often creates a problem for physicians first with diagnostic and then with treatment because few OB/GYNs understand pain, and few Pain Specialists are familiar with the pelvis.  Dr. McDonald bridges this gap with his exceptional appreciation of chronic pelvic pain and how to treat it successfully.

Among the most common types of neuropathic pelvic pain Dr. McDonald treats are Genito-femoral nerve disorders and Hymenal Syndrome.